Special Offers:

The Highend broker BV is a professional European company founded in 2002. With over a 1000 satisfied customers in more than 50 countries worldwide we have established a name in the high-end audio market We carry a wide range of quality audio products at various price levels. We aim to be responsive, punctional and in sync with your needs. If you are interested in a specific product new or used that is not mentioned on our website, please feel free to contact us.

  • 48000

    siltech signature se tube amplifier

  • 11500

    Aurender W20

  • 2800

    Bryston bp 26 + Bryston mps-2

  • 8300

    Kharma Ceramique 3.2 active - reduced

  • 40500

    Soulution 700 monoblocks

  • 8000

    Accuphase P6100 - reduced

  • 11000

    Aesthetix Atlas

  • 15000

    Cabassa Atlantis