Check our feedback (06-03-20)

Why take chances... buy
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Watermark (17-01-20)

To avoid some fake scam artists' use our pictures, we start watermark all our images.


3500 likes (13-03-18)

We celebrate 3500 likes on our facebook page


audiogon e store (20-04-17)

We created an Audiogon E store which can be found true the link:


In memory (23-10-16)

My dearest friend Yuca, you are with the angels now, please continue to watch over us. We love you with all our hearts and we were honored and proud to had you as our friend.


Heat pump (30-07-16)

We installed a heat pump, which in combination with the solar panels,  energy neutral will heat and cool our space. 


Solar system (13-05-15)

We installed a solar system with enough capacity to be energy neutral.


2000 likes on facebook (01-02-15)

We celebrate 2000 likes on our facebook page, this within 23 months being on fb. Thanks for making this possible.


Updated our homepage (07-04-14)

Our homepage was designed in 2005 and in the meantime updated which small changes. It needed more and bigger pictures a newer interface, so changes in the future could be made easier. And the layout needed to become more in line with our news letter and facebookpage.


Bender 29 march 2014 (29-03-14)

We are proud to present Bender dutch quartet. They gave a concert at our place 29 march 2014. We had a wonderfull night with friends and music lovers.

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