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  • BrandPurist Audio Designs
  • Model25th Anniversary Praesto revision
  • Optionsbi wire
  • Age6 months
  • Conditionmint
  • LocationAsia
  • Extra"Top of the line Purist Audio Research cable and one of the best speaker cables on the market. The 25th Anniversary line of Speaker Cables use the sonically-superior Xhadow connectors. This is a true bi-wire cable! It comes in a four (4) cable set. There is a positive (+) cable and a negative (-) cable in each channel. The cables use solid silver, single crystal wiring surrounded by Ferox 103, which is a proprietary doped silicon. It is a highly detailed, yet wonderfully musical cable. The owner has successfully used this cable with both very high end tube as well as solid state amplifiers. The cable does not suffer the glare and graininess not uncommon to pure silver cables. This is the 1.9m length, which is $4,000 cheaper than the 2.4m length ($30,000)".


one pair Purist Audio Designs top-of-the-line 25th Anniversary Praesto revision bi-wired 1.9m (tail-to-tail) speaker cable ser. no. 20023187, the pad is 6 months old and sill require burn in.

for 10.000 usd when sold outside the EU or add 19% vat and duties when sold inside the EU.