•   56000 Back to list
  • Brand Studer
  • ModelA820 Reel to Reel
  • Agefully renovated
  • Conditionmint
  • LocationEurope


For sale a Studer A820 ¼ Reel to Reel fully renovated, probably the best one for sale in the world. There are many examples of this machine on the web, however, people should be aware as the last machine was made 30 years ago, they are usually in very poor condition. The ¼” A820 that we are selling has had every single capacitor changed for the finest ones available. The physical condition of the machine is outstanding, for example the leather strip at the front of the machine is in perfect condition. I bought the recorder from an engineer who used it as his own personal machine and owned it for 4 years, bringing it up to a better specification than when it left the factory. It is fitted with the more sought-after butterfly heads and was never fitted with timecode heads. Again, this version is more sought-after. It comes with all the accessories such as DIN CINE adaptors and plates, as well as a full instruction manual. The machine can be biased and set up for any tape a customer may wish to use. Probably it is the finest example of any machine that would be available in the world today. One of our photographs shows the hours meter, which is registering only 212 hours of use, which for an A820 master recorder, is literally nothing, as they are designed for tens of thousands of hours of use. • The machine has been used for less than 213 hours. • Fitted with Butterfly Heads and no timecode. • Error messages display: ‘no errors detected’. • NAB, CINE & PANCAKE adaptors and plates supplied. • Complete with Oscillator board & Traffoless output cards. • Machine can be aligned to your preferred tape type. • Supplied with an instruction manual. • Any inspection welcome ~ Worldwide courier service available. Universal voltage by a Priced by the highend broker for 56000 euro export price or 67760 euro when sold inside the eu.