• 2250

    Accuphase C200x and P300x - free shipping

    Accuphase combination C200x and the P300x, they are manufactured in the 80ís, some signs of use, but in perfect working order. Lotís of pictures on our facebook site.

  • 7800

    Aestetix Callisto Signature Edition

    Aestetix Callisto Signature Edition (four parts) in mint condition, about 4 years old complete with original package

  • 11000

    Aesthetix Atlas

    A stereo pair Aesthetix Atlas, latest version in silver in mint condition, with original package and remaining warranty

  • 5200

    Allnic Audio T2000 25th anniversary

    An Allnic Audio T2000 25th anniversary, around 4 months old, hardly used for 100 hours in mint condition complete with original remote and package.

  • 9750


    a pair ARTEC ABSOLUTE SE- 50 - Classe A hybride mono amps, ex demo with original package.

    Priced at the Highend Broker 9775 euro export price or 11850 euro* when sold inside the EU.


  • 4600

    Artec absolute SE-50P + EPS

    Artec absolute SE-50P + EPS and original remote ex demo in mint condition, with original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 4600 euro when export or 5575 euro when sold inside the eu*.

  • 11200

    Audio Research 40th Anniversary Edition Reference Preamp

    Audio Research Anniversary edition Reference preamplifier in mint condition. 5 years old, from the first owner. The preamp has not been used for 3 years, never repaired nor miodified. The all tubes are new (100 hours) and are cryogenic, purchased..

  • 5950

    Audio Research LS27 - new

    Audio Research LS27 in silver in new like condition, never unpacked due to cancellation, fully complete. Priced 5950 euro* (when export the vat can be deducted)

  • 9750

    Audio Research Ref 150

    Audio Research Ref 150 in black in new like condition, ex demo, fully complete. when export the vat can be deducted.

  • 12000

    AudioResearch Ref 6

    AudioResearch Ref 6 in silver with warranty until 14 may 2018, original 230V EU in mint condition, with original package and manual, etc