• 65500

    Avantgarde Trio Luxury Edition 26 - only unpacked

    a new pair Avantgarde Trio  Luxury Edition 26 only unpacked and used for several hours in dedicated audio room.

    Priced by the highend broker for 65500 euro / 77800 usd ** export price or 76200 euro* when sold inside the eu...

  • 17920

    Borresen 01 incl. stands with Darkz D-TC feet

    For sale a demo pair Borresen 01 incl. stands with Darkz D-TC feet, current model, mint condition in Walnut finish. Complete with original packaging and 12 months warranty. Priced by the highend broker for 17920 euro export price or 21700* euro when..

  • 9000

    Care Orchestra Divina Supreme - ex demo

    Care Orchestra Divina Supreme ex demo pair in perfect condition, fully complete incl 2 years warranty. A 3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker, characterized by an absolute, crystal clear, as precise and faithful reproduction of the sound and can..

  • 5400

    Leedh E - reduced

    a pair Leedh E, sold by the first owner, special custom bi wire version.

    reduced 2-11-20, old price 6900 euro

  • 75000

    Metaxas and Sins SIRENS - special export price - reduced

    A pair Metaxas and Sins SIRENS, It's the only one pair in the world! in it takes 6 months, 24 / 7 of continuous CNC ing process. The color is Red and Silver anodized (matching the Solitaire), but can be professional painted in any color, even..

  • 22500

    Peak consult Kepheus - reduced

    Why take chances... buy
    from a reputable audio dealer!

    A pair Peak consult Kepheus with Momentum tweeter and midrange , sold by the first owner in mint condition, with original package. Already packed, ready to be..

  • 5300

    Peak Consult Princess X Signature -special export price

    Aex demo pair Peak Consult Princess X Signature, build 30 oct 2019, in absolute new condition, sold with optional isolation feet, complete with original shipping crates and 4 years warranty.

    Speaker for rooms from..

  • 14800

    Rockport Technologies Ankaa - ex demo

    For sale an ex demo pair Rockport Technologies Ankaa, they were never sold, complete with original package and accessory.

  • 6900

    Stenheim Alumine Two - export price

    An ex demo pair Stenheim Alumine Two, very low hours, in silver, complete with original stands, 14 months old in mint condition.
    Priced by the highend broker for 6900 euro included shipping (when sold inside the eu add tax and..

  • 36000

    SurrounTec Monolog

    a pair SurrounTec monolog in AMG Orange Pearl Metallic in 2+, one pre owner.The speaker are full checked by SurrounTec and received 3 years warranty, upon request the cabinets can be repainted. Tweeter: 30 mm ceramic dome Midrange: 2 x 8..