• 25900

    ATC SCM100SL - reduced

    a pair ATC SCM100SL ( English walnut) + ATC P6 active amplifier, new, opened to make pictures, complete with 2x 4.5 meter ATC speakercable original stand and original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 22900 euro*. (retail 52000 euro)

  • 27500

    Audio Consulting the Rubanoide Dvaijnoy - reduced

    a stereo pair dipole loudspreakers by Audio Consulting the Rubanoide Dvaijnoy About 3 years old in mint condition, with original package and original crossover.

    reduced 25-4-16 new price 34000 euro

  • 5000

    AudioNote AN-J spe hemp

    New pair AudioNote AN-J spe hemp in high gloss Indian Fineer with AN J stands. New, opened to make some pictures only. Priced by the highend broker for 5000 euro* (retail 9580 euro incl stanmd and the high gloss option)

  • 13000

    Avalon Acoustics Eidolon Diamond

    A pair Avalon Eidolon Diamond, with new original upgraded dampers, the speakers are in mint condition, except one small flaw on the back, not visible from 1 meter. They come complete with original package, certificate of authentic..

  • 9100

    Avantgarde Zero XD - free shipping

     a pair Avantgarde Zero XD in white, 3 years old in mint condition complete with manual, package, remote.

    Priced at the Highend Broker 9100 euro incl freight inside Europe and vat, when export we need 7400 euro plus shipping.

  • 9000

    Care Orchestra Divina Supreme - ex demo

    Care Orchestra Divina Supreme ex demo pair in perfect condition, fully complete incl 2 years warranty. A 3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker, characterized by an absolute, crystal clear, as precise and faithful reproduction of the sound and can..

  • 28000

    Cessaro Affascinate SE special edition

    A pair Cessaro Affascinate SE special edition 98db 8 ohm complete with the original wooden crates.


  • 7500

    Focus Audio Master 2.5

    a pair Focus Audio Master 2.5, this beautiful speaker is made in Canada, about 3 year old in great condition, without package so local pick up in Holland or with extra custome made package shipped world wide. They come incl their original spikes and..

  • 1199

    Grado GS 1000

    Grado Labs launch the new GS1000 Statement Series, their best headphones ever.

    How do they perform? The simple answer is 'Breathtaking' which makes them worth every penny .

    Grado is pleased to announce..

  • 829

    Grado RS1

    The RS-1 is the Masterpiece of the Grado collection, the Top Of The Range product which oozes class both in looks and sound.
    Featuring handcrafted Mahongany earpieces made using an intricate curing process, Grado has been able to..