• 3995

    Allnic D5000 DHT Dac

    Allnic D5000 Dac, in mint condition with original package, remote, manual and spare tubes.

  • 12995

    Aurender W20 12TB -special export price

    a sealed Aurender W20, latest version, never unpacked.

    The flagship Aurender W20 Reference Music Server is the world's first audiophile music server with external master clock input and dual-wire digital output mode. The W20 is..

  • 2600

    Aurender X100L 12 GB version - reduced

    Aurender X100L 12 GB version (2x6GB) in mint condition (early 2015) with original packaging.

    contact us for other models.

  • 2000

    Ayre D-1 cd/dvd transport - free shipping

    a legendary Ayre D-1 DVD-Video/CD transport - it is a digital audio transport only (without DAC) - it plays really great CD and 24-bit/96kHz DVD 2-channel discs, equipped with basic video option (that includes composite, S-video, and component video..

  • 21000

    CH Precision D1 | CD/SACD transport

    CH Precision D1 | CD/SACD transport, current model in mint condition, complete with the new Digital Output Board (HD), original packaging and 12 months warranty.

     (retail 34000 euro)

  • 5000

    Cocktail audio X45pro

    A sealed Cocktail audio X45pro with 4TB ssd for 5000 euro retail 6490 euro

  • 2300

    dCS 972 D/D converter - reduced

    dCS 972 original 230v with original package in very good condition

  • 4500

    dCS Puccini

    dCS Puccini in black with software 1.41 complete with original package and remote.

  • 24500

    dCS Scarlatti four box system - reduced for quick sale

    dCS Scarlatti four box system, cd/sacd drive, dac, upsampler and master clock in mint condition fully complete.

  • 2500

    EERA Essentiel

    EERA Essentiel in mint condition, ex demo complete with original package.