• 6000

    Helius Viridia turntable + Omega toneram special version - new

    sale Helius Viridia turntable (special version:no magnetic feet and bearing)and the Helius Omega tonearm special version 10 inch with cryo silver wire finished with Audio Note anp connectors. Total retail price 9863 euro. Only unpacked to install..

  • 4400

    Airtight PC-1S - new

    Airtight PC-1S from 2017, brand new, never removed from the box. Priced at the Highend Broker 4400 euro* incl shipping.

  • 9000

    AMG Viella V12 12 inch tonearm and Graham Phatom

    An AMG Viella V12 with wood skirt, sold by the first owner, 3 years old, like new condition, very lightly used, the owner has more turntables. Double armboard with two arms, original 12 inch arm and 9 inch Graham Phantom. Complete with original..

  • 1300

    Benz Micro LP

    A Benz Micro LP about 8 years old but not more as 300 hours of use.. Priced at the Highend Broker 1300 euro*. (reduced 07-12-18 old price 1500 euro)

  • 570

    Clearaudio Virtuoso ebony V2

    Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony V2, in sealed box for 570 euro (export) or 690 euro when sold inside the eu. We received it by exchange

  • 3500

    DS Audio DSW1 cartridge and phono EQ - new - special export price

    A new DS Audio DSW1 cartridge and phono EQ, with original package. Priced at the Highend Broker 3900 usd** or 3500 euro export price or 4235 euro* when sold inside the eu.(retail 8800)

  • 1750

    Dynavector DV-500 well tempered turntable

    Dynavector DV-500 well tempered turntable, in mint condition, with original package, never used. Choice a dynavector or blank armboard. free shipping insde the EU.

  • 13700

    ELP Laser Turntable LT-200STD - new

    An ELP Laser Turntable LT-200STD, unpacked to make pictures and tests, complete with all accessories, remote, manual, adapter and double carton package. It comes with 2 years warranty. LT-200 Standard Features much more than the basic model. Album..

  • 2449

    Grado the Statement

    After years of careful thought and painstaking design Grado is very pleased to offer their flagship phono cartridge. We are so proud of this cartridge and believe that it has so much to say about Grado technology, that we decided to name it the..

  • 14400

    Merrill Scillia MS 21 + Breuer the goldfinger - reduced

    a very exclusive Merrill Scillia MS 21 turntable, totally handmade with external power supply with about 100 hours on it and a Breuer the goldfinger tonearm a true collector’s item. Both coming with there original package, spare parts: lubricating..