• 12,50

    Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH

    We have to offer 4 x 12AX7EH (Electro Harmonix) for 12.50 euro Euro each.

  • 125

    Furutech RD-1

    Furutech RD-1 in mint condition with original packag

  • 25

    Hubbell 20A Female IEC

    This is a very high quality 20 Amp IEC, this type of connection could be found on power conditioners and some high-end components.

  • 12,50

    JJ E88CC

    We have to offer 4 x E88 CC (JJ) for 12.50 euro Euro each.

  • 350

    Mullard EL34/6CA7 matched pair

    We have to offer 1 matched pair of Mullard [XF2]Great Britain NOS EL34/6CA7 for 350 euro/pair.

  • 7850

    PS Audio Direcstream Power Plant P20

    a new PS Audio Direct Stream Power plant P20 in black, never unpacked, original from the Austrian importer.

  • 1850

    Synergistic Research Tranquility Base X

    Synergistic Research Tranquility Base XL in good condition, some scratches but hard to see when equipment is placed on it/them. Priced at the Highend Broker 1850 euro*p/p.(1530 euro excl vat)