• 12,50

    Electro Harmonix 12AX7EH

    We have to offer 4 x 12AX7EH (Electro Harmonix) for 12.50 euro Euro each.

  • 25

    Hubbell 20A Female IEC

    This is a very high quality 20 Amp IEC, this type of connection could be found on power conditioners and some high-end components.

  • 12,50

    JJ E88CC

    We have to offer 4 x E88 CC (JJ) for 12.50 euro Euro each.

  • 350

    Mullard EL34/6CA7 matched pair

    We have to offer 1 matched pair of Mullard [XF2]Great Britain NOS EL34/6CA7 for 350 euro/pair.

  • 30500

    StromTank S5000

    A StromTack S5000, in sealed box for 30500 euro or 25300 euro when export outside the EU. The pictures of the S5000 which is unpacked is another one.

    Other models upon request