Dynavector DV XV-1s - new - free shipping

€ 3,900.00

Brand New Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge - Exceptional Performance Guaranteed!


Indulge in the ultimate vinyl listening experience with the brand new Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge. This cartridge sets the standard for excellence in analog playback, delivering unparalleled sonic performance and musicality that will elevate your listening sessions to new heights.

About the Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge:

Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design, the Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge is a true masterpiece of audio engineering. With its advanced coil winding technology and precision-machined components, it achieves remarkable tracking ability and transparency, allowing you to hear every detail and nuance of your favorite records with astonishing clarity and realism.


This Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge is brand new, ensuring pristine performance straight out of the box.



Price: €3,900 (Includes Shipping within Europe)

This competitive price offers exceptional value for a cartridge of this caliber, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in high-fidelity audio.

Dynavector DV XV-1s - new - free shipping Dynavector DV XV-1s - new - free shipping Dynavector DV XV-1s - new - free shipping Dynavector DV XV-1s - new - free shipping


  • BrandDynavector
  • ModelDV XV-1s
  • Agenew
  • LocationEurope
  • Review:"The Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge is a revelation in analog playback. Its ability to extract every subtle detail from my vinyl collection is truly astonishing. From the delicate whispers of a jazz saxophone to the thunderous bass of a rock concert, this cartridge delivers a captivating and immersive listening experience that keeps me coming back for more. If you're serious about vinyl, do yourself a favor and experience the DV XV-1s for yourself." - Happy Audiophile "I've been using the Dynavector DV XV-1s Cartridge for several months now, and I'm continually impressed by its performance. The level of clarity and resolution it brings to my vinyl collection is unmatched. Each instrument and voice is rendered with lifelike realism, allowing me to rediscover my favorite records with a newfound appreciation. If you're looking to take your analog setup to the next level, look no further than the DV XV-1s." - Satisfied Customer